Scheldeprijs Cyclo

Scheldeprijs Cyclo

On Saturday 6 April, we will brave the wind and pull out our sprinters’ legs for the Scheldeprijs Cyclo. You will start in Schoten for a ride of 80, 120 or 150 kilometres. Discover the fabulous roads of our neighbours to the north that follow the Eastern and Western Scheldt and round it off with the classic finale of the pro race.


Sportograf is our official photo partner and will take photos of all participants during Scheldeprijs Cyclo. You can order these one day after your participation by clicking the button below.

You can find more info on how your photos will be handled here.

Discover the course

Three days after the men’s and women’s pelotons compete for the Sprinters’ unofficial World Championships, it is your turn to test your legs. From Schoten, you cycle north where you will soon cross the border into The Netherlands. Choose between a tour of 80, 120 or 150 kilometers, battle the wind, conquer the cobbles of the Broekstraat and sprint to the finish.

80 km
+210 m

Start & finish: Schoten

125 km
+285 m

Start & finish: Schoten

160 km
+314 m

Start & finish: Schoten

Kasteel van Brasschaat

Door de polders 1

Kasseistrook De Reigers

Jaagpad Schelde-Rijnkanaal

Port of Antwerp

Hensberglei Kasseistrook

Broekstraat Kasseistrook

Kasteel van Brasschaat

Door de polders 1

Westerschelde Vergezicht

Bocht van Bath

Hensberglei Kasseistrook

Broekstraat Kasseistrook

Kasteel van Brasschaat

Door de polders 1

Door de Polders 2

Klim Rijzende Weg

Kasseistrook Hogerwaardweg

Oosterschelde vergezicht

Westerschelde Vergezicht

Bocht van Bath

Hensberglei Kasseistrook

Broekstraat Kasseistrook

The courses via RouteYou:

Practical info

Drive to the Bijkhoevelaan in Wijnegem. Stewards will show you a spot to park your car. You can park on the street in the entire industrial area. Note: not in the parking lots of the companies themselves!

Afterwards, stewards and arrows will guide you to the start in the Sint-Michielscollege of Schoten.

Sint-Michielscollege: Papenaardekenstraat 53, 2900 Schoten

Start times:

  • 160 km: 7h30 – 9h00
  • 125 km: 7h30 – 10h00
  • 80 km: 7h30 – 11h00
  • Plenty of refreshment points on the route
  • Accident insurance (no helmet = no insurance)
  • Technical assistance at the start, at the refreshment points and along the course
  • Medical service at the start and at the refreshment points
  • Signallers along the course
  • Perfect signposting along the parcours
  • Course sticker showing the hills along the way & GPX
  • Frame plate
  • Free coffee at the start

Scan & ride

Register online, we’ll email you your ticket. That way you can immediately pick up your frame plate after presenting your ticket at the Scan & Ride desks. No need to get off your bike again!

Registration on the day itself

Would you prefer to register on the spot? Park your bicycle in the secure bicycle shed!

The registration stand in Schoten is open on Saturday 6 April 2024:

  • 160 km: 7h30 – 9h00
  • 125 km: 7h30 – 10h00
  • 80 km: 7h30 – 11h00

Enjoy plenty of refreshment points on the route, including Etixx sports drinks, water and a wide choice of fruit and biscuits.

Number of refreshment points*:

  • 160 km: 3
  • 125 km: 3
  • 80 km: 1

* Refreshment points given upon presentation of frame plate only!

The last supply station closes at 15h00. The finish line closes at 17h00.

If you arrive too late at the last supply station we will not be able to consider you as an official participant and you will be required to take the shortest route to the finish.

Changing rooms and showers

Changing rooms and showers will be available at the start.

After your ride, exchange your identification tag for an original t-shirt. Would you rather get your deposit back? You can. Ask at the information stand.

Turned in your identification tag? Sit back and unwind after your ride at our fun après-bike.

Breakdown on the road?

Technical assistance is provided at the start and supply stations. If you can’t make it there, call the emergency number on the back of your frame plate to speak to our mobile breakdown service.

Medical assistance is available at the start and supply stations.

Online registrations

Have you chosen your event? Great! Please see below all rates for the Scheldeprijs Cyclo.

5€ discount or more with your registration? That’s possible! Read how to claim yours through the Proximus Recycling action here.


80 km

125 km

160 km

Voordeeltarief (t.e.m. 26/03)

15 €

17 €

20 €

Standaardtarief (na 26/03)

18 €

20 €

23 €

It makes sense to register early!

Get off to an early start and register before March 26th. This puts you in the breakaway group and you can benefit from a better price.

Please note: Your registration includes a €5 deposit for the use of your number plate. This is refunded at the finish or you can exchange it for an original T-shirt.

Group registrations (until Tuesday 26 March - 23:59)

Would you like to take on the challenge together with colleagues and friends? Then you can register as a group until Tuesday 26 March.

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Recycling action

In Belgium, three million cell phones lie forgotten in a drawer. And yet 90% of the materials in cell phones can be recycled (copper, cobalt, silver, gold, etc.). By 2024, Proximus wants to collect no fewer than 140,000 devices and recycle them thanks to the collaboration with Brainscape. Together we prevent new extraction of raw materials in developing countries.

A warm call to all cycling fans to put their greenest foot forward and participate in the recycling action! This is possible at all Proximus Cycling Challenges mentioned in the calendar and at 6 rides of the Teamleader CRM Classics Tour. Your recycling participation will be rewarded. How? Find out via the button below.


The organisers advise everyone to avoid any form of strenuous physical activity for which they are not adequately prepared. Make sensible choices about the distance you ride and/or the pace you set for yourself.

Anyone who aims to improve performance and compete at a high intensity should see a (specialised sports) physician annually for a check-up. There is no requirement to produce a medical certificate.

It is up to the participant to decide how to use the information resulting from a medical check-up. The organisers cannot be held liable in this respect.

Ride with us and support Younited Cycling

Besides being a relaxing activity, cycling is also a powerful tool. Under the flag of ‘My Team, My Home’, Younited Cycling builds cycling teams where everyone is welcome and included.

Their participants are experts in daily survival who fight against vulnerability in housing, mental health, well-being, poverty, migration or addiction.

In their peloton, they find more than just teammates, they find a home. They are coached by social workers who give them a warm welcome and individual attention, to guide them both on and off the bike.

Additional funding is needed to help Younited Cycling grow. Your contribution can also help. When registering online, you have the option to donate 5, 10 or 15€ for Younited Cycling.

Good cause: vzw Stop Darmkanker

The not-for-profit organisation vzw Stop Darmkanker (Stop Bowel Cancer) is a young, dynamic and independent NGO whose motto is: sharing knowledge can save lives.

vzw Stop Darmkanker wants to convince everyone that early detection of polyps and bowel cancer will drastically reduce the number of deaths from bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is a silent killer.

Every year more than 8,500 Belgians are diagnosed with bowel cancer. Every day 9 people die of bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is the second most commonly occurring cancer in women and the third most commonly occurring in men.- If bowel cancer is detected at an early stage, there is over a 90% chance of recovery. Knowledge about bowel cancer is still not adequate. Extra resources are needed to fight the disease.

Your contribution can also be life-saving. When you register, you have the chance to donate 5, 10 or 15 € to vzw Stop Darmkanker.

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